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For 30 years, our company has been an official distributor of top Israeli cosmetic brands: Anna Lotan, Gigi Laboratories, Hikari Laboratories and Chic Cosmetics (Hlavin).

Over this period, we are bound to have become both a reliable supplier of superior beauty products for a great number of beautiful women and a trustworthy partner for numerous beauty professionals. We can select the best options for you and explain production technology. We organize training events for our partners and are truly glad to see them succeed. And it makes us happy to see amazing women’s’ beauty enhanced. Welcome to the world of the best Israeli beauty brands!

Dolores Kalnin

In a nutshell, what can Dolores OÜ show after 30 years on the market?


Dozens of consultations by phone on a daily basis.
Monthly courses for beauticians, our recommendations, and support.
Carefully selected lines of products of the best Israeli beauty brands, which are constantly updated.
And, of course, our love and care.
Because it is our job to bring you beauty and success.

Our target customers

We supply a broad range of products both for professional and home use.

For personal use

Welcome to our online store!

We are convinced that our impressive range of products will be of interest: each brand has its unique patented developments and technologies, which is why a great number of beauty products you will find here have quickly become bestsellers.


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Delivery to SmartPost and Omniva parcel terminals within 1–3 business days.

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Broad range of products and expert advice

If you are not sure what to choose or have any questions, please fill in the contact form to send us or message or call our support line, and we will gladly help you.

Professional use

Beauty professionals will need to register on the Partner page first to view all offers from complete product lines.

After you fill in the form, our administrator will contact you to discuss any details and opportunities you might find interesting.

Salon-size products and wholesale prices

Salon-size products are not available for non-professional customers, and you will be able to view them after you have registered. Registration will also allow you to see wholesale prices and special offers for partners in our online store.

Training courses for beauty professionals

We are scrupulous about our work which is why certain products for professionals are not sold at retail and can only be purchased by our partners who have completed a training course on how to use them. If you would like to know more, please fill in the registration form on the Partner page.

Our brands

Brands of the beauty products distributed by Dolores OÜ

Each of the brands we represent has unique patented know-how. You can find lines of care products of any type you like; some contain only natural ingredients and Dead Sea salts, and others combine organic components with state-of-the-art biotechnology solutions for skin type and age group. Anna Lotan: natural ingredients, safety, and attractive pricing. GiGi: the leader in biotechnology research. Care products made by HIKARI Laboratories represent the results of the latest studies in the sphere of life duration, and its unique antiperspirant Lavilin by HLAVIN is one of a kind.


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Anna Lotan

natural ingredients and safety

GIGI Laboratories

leader in biotechnology research among cosmetics producers


studies in the sphere of life duration


Lavilin – unique antiperspirant

GIGI Laboratories

GIGI celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2017. Taking a leading position in the professional cosmetics market of its country – Israel, GIGICosmeticLabs successfully exports its products to Japan, Hungary, USA, Germany, India, Canada, Spain, Norway – a total of 42 countries of the world.

Distinctive features of GIGI brand products are:
A successful, scientifically grounded combination of natural ingredients and high biotechnology products, which determines the high activity and effectiveness of the drugs.
The firm owns many patents.
Products are manufactured at the pharmaceutical plant AGIS Israel, where the same requirements for safety, hypoallergenicity, and quality are imposed on them, as for drugs.
A wide range of products for home care – 150 items – allows you to increase the efficiency of product use, complementing salon procedures with home care. Many GIGI preparations have no analogs and are practically indispensable for solving various skin problems.
The preparations are pleasant to use – delicate consistency, pleasant smell, and color.

HIKARI Laboratories

A scientific cosmeceutical laboratory that embodies the results of the latest research in the field of the longevity of life.

HIKARI Laboratories creates cosmetics with new properties: with a general healing effect, with the effect of not just a stopped time, but also a noticeable rejuvenation. All this brings the HIKARI laboratory to the position of the world leader – to the vanguard of scientific achievements in cosmetology.
Together with scientists from the Hebrew University, the laboratory has developed and patented a technology for producing a revolutionary “molecule of youth” – NICOTINAMIDE RIBOSIDE in microcapsules. This technology is the basis for a number of cosmetics with one thing in common – they all activate the longevity genes that are dormant in cells.
In addition to the company’s R&D laboratories, there is a factory in Kiryat Malakhi (Hikari factory, ISO 22716 certified) where the brand’s products are manufactured.

Anna Lotan

The company, founded in 1983 by Mrs. Anna Lotan, is one of the largest manufacturers of professional cosmetic products in Israel.

Anna Lotan, a talented cosmetologist scientist, changed the idea of ​​women about themselves and revealed to them the secrets of prolonging youth. She was one of the first to develop cosmeceuticals – a new direction that emerged at the intersection of cosmetics and medicine, to create branded recipes for professional medical cosmetics, which are considered an honor to be used in fashionable beauty salons.

The specificity of cosmeceuticals is that they, first of all, should take into account the structure and needs of the skin as much as possible in order to influence precisely those mechanisms that require correction. The main thing in the products is that the products do not harm the skin and activate the processes of its restoration. The company’s motto: “Do no harm!” Professionals in more than 50 countries of the world work with Anna Lotan cosmetics.

Features of Anna Lotan products:

All ingredients are natural: aloe juice, Dead Sea salts, alpine moss, seaweed, sea buckthorn extract, essential oils.

Safety – cosmetics are not traumatic, not aggressive and hypoallergenic.

“Ambulance” – treatment and prevention of acne and post-acne, age-related skin changes.

Efficiency – all preparations are compatible with each other and are perfectly combined with each other, which allows, having a relatively small set of cosmetics, use them sparingly.

LAVILIN (Chic Cosmetics)

The main achievement of the Chic Cosmetics company is the unique Lavilin antiperspirant invented in it, which at the moment has no analogue in the world, since it is completely devoid of aluminum salts, parabens and alcohol.

Lavilin is presented in various versions: in the form of a cream, in the form of a roller, in the form of a stick, in the form of napkins, since 2020 there have also been products for intimate hygiene.

In the production of cosmetic products, Chic Cosmetics uses only environmentally friendly raw materials and uses the most advanced technologies. The company adheres to the principle of making all its products on a natural basis, in addition, it constantly conducts intensive research on the properties of herbs and roots that have been used in cosmetics for centuries. All ingredients used are CTFA certified. The products are licensed by the Ministry of Health and manufactured under its supervision.


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