GIGI ACNON a professional line of products for acne treatment.
Nov 18, 2020


Many of us, especially women, are unfortunately well aware of the term ‘acne vulgaris’. This is what dermatologists call the disease we know as simply ‘acne’, ‘pimples’, or ‘breakouts’. Few teenagers are lucky to be spared from this condition, which generally peaks at the age of 14–16. Around 80% of teenagers have suffered from it to a lesser or greater extent, and it tends to flare up frequently. As if this period in life provided few reasons to worry, the most unpleasant consequence is that severe cases can leave permanent marks and scars on one’s face. However, it is not only very young people who suffer from acne. It can bother people of any age or manifest itself first at 50, for instance. Why am I then talking about women in particular? The most likely cause of acne in women is hormonal disbalance. Birth control pills, menstrual cycle, tendency to be highly emotional, stress, natural age-related changes can result in breakouts.

About a third of the people suffering from acne are adults aged 30 to 50. And the majority are women.

The very thing that makes us beautiful, unique, and unparalleled, that makes us women also implies certain risks for our skin. And this is when products of the ACNON line by GIGI laboratories can save the day. Why else did we love these dermatologically tested products? Not only do they combat acne but also fight the signs of aging. Here is an overview of the active ingredients of the ACNON line.
GRANACTIVE RETINOID Retinoids chemical components containing vitamin A, which is essential for the skin. This is a highly potent substance for treating acne which dermatologists have been using for a long time. You have probably heard about the medicine called Roaccutane It is highly effective but has a number of adverse reactions and side effects (skin dryness; photosensitivity, which means it can only be applied at night-time). Retinoids of the new generation, GRANACTIVE RETINOIDE, are as effective but without any of these faults. Regulation of sebum secretion, smooth skin and even complexion without any side effects on dry skin at any time you find convenient.   KOLLAREN A stabilizing peptide that makes our skin more resistant to the consequences of oxidation processes. It prevents cross-links between collagen fibers, which imitates a regeneration signal for the production of fibronectin, lamin, collagen, and elastin. To put it simply, this peptide is responsible for skin strength and smoothness.   EPILOBIUM (WILLOWHERB) This plant growing in Northern Canada has remarkable photochemical properties. It also reduces the level of the active form of testosterone, which is one of the main causes of acne. In addition, Epilobium has significant antibacterial and antioxidant properties. In other words, it is a superb multifunctional natural component that prevents acne breakouts and restores skin health and natural beauty.   GLYCOLIC ACID An alpha acid with a simple molecular structure widely used in dermaceutics. It is primarily produced from sugar cane. And clears sebaceous gland ducts. Superior antioxidant.   DEXTRAN A polysaccharide with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Like glycolic acid, this component is of natural origin and acts as a solvent and viscosity modifier, which has a skin-rejuvenating effect.   To sum up, if there are any skin conditions that bother you, we recommend considering the GIGI ACNON line of products. It is a new patented technology certified by the dermatology department of the Wolfson Clinic, which one of the largest and most advanced national medical centers in Israel. Where can you purchase these products or have treatments using them? We recommend contacting one of our beautician partners who have completed the training necessary for their effective and safe use. Good luck, and may health, love, and beauty be with you!

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