Anna Lotan Classic Set

Anna Lotan Classic Set

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Composition, properties and application features

Anna Lotan Classic Creamy Foaming Gel 200 ml – 15,90 eur

A liquid soap designed to minimize drying of delicate skin. Enriched with emollients (neutral triglyceride oil and Shea butter) to protect the lipid layer of the skin without compromising on efficient cleansing. Emollient oils protect the natural lipid barrier of the skin. Vitamin E provides free radical protection. A paraben free antimicrobial acts as the preservative system to maintain the product’s shelf life. Following rinsing, the skin will feel smooth, soft and perfectly clean.
Premium quality Lithospermum (Gromwell) Root extract, known for its soothing effect on the skin, provides the natural pink colour of the gel. Ideal for cleansing dry skin (mature or young).
Preservative: Natural
Directions: Apply a small amount on moist skin. Lather gently with gradual addition of water, avoiding eye area. Rinse off thoroughly with plenty of water.

Anna Lotan Classic Lipo Soft Cream 50 ml – 21,60 eur

Recommended for any skin type

A win-win choice for any age which ensures deep penetration of active ingredients without the ‘oily skin’ effect.

Light and luxurious prolonged-action cream enriched with oils and phytosterols. Its composition is unique as it contains no wax compounds. Recommended for dry mature skin and for cases when the skin’s barrier properties are impaired (dehydrated oily skin). Recommended for any skin type and any weather conditions, including low temperature or dry air.

Premium emollients (phytosterols, carrot oil, irreplaceable fatty acids, and derivatives of vitamins A and E) will gently but effectively restore the structure of epidermal lipids, improving the skin’s protective function. Perfect foundation primer. The additional use of SPF products is recommended to supplement the cream during the day.

Apply to cleansed skin in the evening or whenever required. Smooth over face and neck with several massage movements.

Anna Lotan Eye Contour Allure Eye Contour Gel 30 ml – 18,20 eur

A quickly absorbed, delicate moisturizing cream-gel, suitable for all skin types, designed to enrich the tender eye contour are with effective moisture binding components(the salt of Hyaluronic acid; Dead Sea mineral water and Gluconolactone) which also serve in this formulation as a natural preservative.

Herbal Astringents, Witch Hazel and Cucumber extract, exert a light lifting effect. Sustainable vegetable oils, including essential fatty acids act as delicate emollients to support the skin’s barrier function in this area to eliminate the development of fine lines. The natural oils are protected against free radicals with the oil soluble vitamins E & A.
Soothing Chamomile flower extract and Allantoin have been added to increase the sensation of comfort for all skin types.
Preservative: Natural
Directions: Apply when required to eye contour area.

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