Anna Lotan Greens Set

Anna Lotan Greens Set

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Composition, properties and application features

Anna Lotan Greens Natural Peeling Rinse Off Exfoliating Scrub 150 ml – 29,50 eur

A natural exfoliating facial scrub that leaves the skin clean and smooth after every use. Excellent for all skin types, two to three times a week. Economical and easy to use. A small quantity will provide maximal benefit in just a minute. The combination of natural emollients, wheat proteins, and herbal toning extracts assists in removal of dead cells from the skin’s surface. Dead Sea mineral grains act as abrasive particles that melt instantly when water is added, allowing the user limit the intensity and duration of the scrub according to his individual skin needs.
Preservative: Natural
Directions: Apply a small quantity to the skin. Spread the scrub with moist fingertips to all facial areas gradually adding more water until completely rinsed off. Repeat daily or according to your skin requirements.

Anna Lotan Greens Proligne Lifting Anti Wrinkle Cream 50 ml – 29,50 eur

An intensive anti wrinkle cream excellent for normal to dry skin. Prolonged localized massage on areas prone to develop wrinkles will smooth the skin with an instant lifting effect. Within 4 weeks a marked long term improvement will be noticed In the skin’s texture, smoothness and fresh appearance. Supports skin elasticity and improves its tone “from within”.
Preservative: Paraben based
Directions: Use on its own, under makeup or protective day cream. For best results massage for 1 minute on required areas.

Anna Lotan Greens Tender Eye Contour Cream 30 ml – 38,60 eur

A novel, luxurious, anti wrinkle, eye cream, safe alternative to interventive injections, minimizing the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles. Supports the skins protective barrier against stress and loss of moisture adding to the wrinkle smoothing effect. Mimics the skin’s own lipid components and provides long lasting softness. The semi occlusive carrier is especially designed to help retain moisture and enhance penetration, in order to obtain maximum benefit from the valuable ingredients.
Preservative: Paraben free
Directions: Smooth gently around the eyes with soft circular motions or by lightly patting over facial areas that tend to develop fine expression lines. Use twice a day, especially under makeup, to make lines less apparent.


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