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Composition, properties and application features

With this bundle, you get everything you need to look your best every day.
A luxury vegan leather makeup bag and a set of face care cosmetics are all designed to be used together.

The face care cosmetics include an exclusive:

GIGI Nutri-Peptide 10% Lactic Cream 50ml – 30,95 eur

A nighttime moisturizer enriched with Lactic Acid and essential ingredients to ensure radiance and uniform smooth texture. The skin’s natural protection against free radicals is strengthened. Contains a unique complex encapsulated in a peptide – ( 15-Heptapeptide) combined with Lactic Acid and polysaccharides of natural origin that improve skin function, increase the moisture level immediately, and prevent natural evaporation. The cream is light and pleasant, improves skin elasticity, texture, smooths roughness, and adds glamour.


Encourages dead cells removal and the formation of a uniform texture
Balances skin tone

Encourages dead cells removal and the formation of a uniform texture
Balances skin tone

GIGI Nutri-Peptide 10% Glycolic Cream 50ml – 30,95 eur

Makeup bag – 24 eur

Luxurious handcrafted vegan leather makeup bag from GIGI Laboratories.

The perfect makeup bag for a woman who loves to be creative and express herself through her appearance.
This is the perfect makeup bag for any occasion, whether it’s an evening out or just getting ready in the morning.

The interior of this makeup bag is lined with soft microfiber fabric that will keep your cosmetics clean and organized.
It also has a zippered pouch on top so you can easily access your favorite beauty products.
This makeup bag features a large main compartment.
This makeup bag measures approximately: 20cm X 15cm

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