Timeless beauty. Secrets of looking young from the founder of the HIKARI brand!
Nov 21, 2020

Or Fooks is one of the women usually referred to as ‘timeless beauty’…

Or Fooks is the founder and owner of the HIKARI cosmetic empire, which is well-known all over the world far beyond Israel. Or lectures on cosmetology in European capitals and takes part in all the major professional cosmetics expos and conventions. She is a mother of two. She sleeps 4 hours a day and will often wake up at 2 or 3 AM to start her working day. How does she manage to keep looking fresh and young? Or tells us about her face care system and recommends the products which give her this rested and youthful look.

Every morning and evening, she applies the TIME TRAVEL cream, which is an alternative to collagen injections. The regenerating and anti-aging cream TIME TRAVEL contains unique peptide complexes that slow down the cellular senescence program. The cream also contains juvinity, an innovative peptide which prolongs cellular activity and was developed on the basis of a work that received a Nobel Prize in 2009.


Syn-Coll tripeptide is an alternative to collagen injections. It is a bioactive tripeptide which arrives in deep skin layers, stimulates collagen synthesis, and protects collagen from the enzymes that may destroy it.

Deep cleansing twice a week using the rejuvenating ACTIVE Cleanser. “I use this cleanser before applying the mask. I massage it into my skin for 10 minutes and rinse it off,” Or says. ACTIVE Cleanser has a cleansing effect, but it also packs a rejuvenating punch, revitalizes tired skin, tightens the pores, and combats excessive pigment. The product contains encapsulated retinol, vitamin C and a complex of glycolic and salicylic acids.

Three times per week, cleansing is followed by intensive but nourishing PISTACHIO Cream Scrub. It nourished the skin deeply and removes dead cells. Omega acids moisturize, restore skin elasticity, boost regeneration processes, and improve skin texture. The product contains 5 natural kinds of butter (pistachio, almond, linseed, shea, jojoba) and almond nutshell meal.

The ALPHA Toner is the final stage of the cleansing step. It is a toner with a proprietary anti-aging formula. As the final cleanser, it gently soothes the skin and restores it natural pH. It contains a unique anti-aging formula and a complex of plant extracts which have a potent toning, softening, and moisturizing effect.

Three to four times per week, cleansing is followed by the BEAUTY SLEEP night mask which contains the ‘youth hormone’. The concentrated mask promotes active skin regeneration during the night, boosts the skin’s natural restorative ability, replenishes moisture, and smooths its surface. It has an instant softening and brightening effect, rejuvenating your skin. The product contains specially developed encapsulated retinol which is only activated after it is applied over the skin. This allows the oxidation of retinol to be prevented and ensures that its maximum content in the product remains the same without any loss of properties while you are using the product. Stimulates cell growth and renewal. Butter made of cupuaçu fruit, unique to Brazil, which is known as the plant treasure of the Amazon, has been used in medicine by Native Americans for millennia. Grape seed oil is rich in omega-6 and has a well-deserved reputation of a ‘youth hormone’ because its plant polyphenols are similar to oestrogens in structure. This ingredient will refresh and tone your skin, preserving its youthful look. The mask is applied overnight and rinsed off with warm water in the morning. New day, you are welcome!

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