Hair Care. Better-looking hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows with HAIR-G THERAPY peptide serum
Nov 21, 2020

The line by HIKARI Laboratories meant for boosting eyebrow and eyelash growth as well as hair volume.

The cosmeceuticals by HIKARI Laboratories, Israel, has been proven to make the hair 46% thicker and improve its structure, make eyelashes thicker and enhance their color, and restore the natural shape of eyebrows.

Improving the appearance of or restoring damaged hair, eyebrows and eyelashes has become one of the most popular beauty services provided by high-end beauty salons all over the world.

HAIR-G THERAPY serum will make your hair thicker and healthier.

HIKARI peptide serum promotes  the growth of strong and healthy hair by stimulating and restoring hair  follicles. It has a therapeutic effect on the hair that normally suffers from frequent  exposure to physical impacts  (brushing, aggressive environment, blow-drying) and chemicals (decoloration, dyeing, permanent wave).

Clinical trials have shown that the product makes the hair 46% thicker.  It is also suitable for eyelash care, boosting their length and thickness,  and can restore the natural shape of eyebrows.

Ingredients of the serum

Laminin-5 is a molecule found in scalp dermis cells and responsible for retaining and strengthening human hair.  CAPYXYL is a cutting-edge component which combines peptides with red clover extract to combat hair loss.

Biotinoyl tripeptide-1 is a new modification of biotin. Biotin is necessary for cellular growth and plays a key role in the production of healthy hair. Apigenin is a powerful vasodilatory component, which delivers intensive nourishment necessary for hair growth. Oleanolic acid stimulates microcirculation, strengthens the hair, and decreases hair loss. The extract of Swertia japonica boosts microcirculation and enriches cells  with oxygen, which promotes the growth of new stronger hair.  Collagen plays an important part in the regulation of cell and tissue growth and contributes to preventing the problems associated with hair loss.

HAIR-G Meso-Cocktail enhances the volume and structure of eyelashes, eyebrows, and hair

HAIR-G Meso-Cocktail delivers the necessary nutrients to the hair matrix. It fosters hair growth and considerably improves its structure by making it thicker and stronger. It also improves microcirculation around the follicle and blood circulation at the roots.

One of the ingredients of the Meso-Cocktail, PROCAPIL, is a combination of a vitaminized matrikine peptide, apigenin, and oleanolic acid, which neutralized the effect of dihydrotestosterone on hair follicles, high dihydrotestosterone level being what causes hair loss.

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